Beekeeping Lessons

Looking to become a beekeeper or expand your knowledge and skill set? We offer lessons on a variety of topics from Introductory Beekeeping to Integrated Pest Management and Queen Rearing. Private lessons, consulting services and custom courses are also available. Contact us for more information. We will new dates as required.

Our teaching philosophy is that the bees will tell you everything you need to know, you just need to learn how to listen. With that in mind, we will teach you how to use all of your senses to 'read' a beehive. We will also teach you the 'rules of the hive', that will let you understand the how the bees will react to your management decisions and the increasingly variable weather.

all lessons are subject to HST

All lessons take place at the Cotton Factory, located @ 270 Sherman Ave North, Hamilton.

* Private Lessons available at your apiary, rates are $100 for the 1st hour, $50 for each additional hour in the same session. Available in the Greater Hamilton and Toronto area. Contact us for more information, or to request a course on another topic. 

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