Queen Bee - Mated Ontario Stock

Queen Bee - Mated Ontario Stock

Humble Bee Inc.

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prices vary according to pickup/delivery date

 Orders ship Monday-Wednesday to ensure bees are received before the weekend. 

Orders can be picked up any day by appointment 

Bees can be mailed across Canada, but an import permit from your Provincial Apiary Inspection Program is required. 

Our Queen bees are raised from Ontario breeding stock selected for gentleness and disease resistance. Like most Ontario bees, ours are descended from the Italian and Carniolan 'races' of European Honeybees, though there is some Buckfast in the mix as well. This combination results in productive and gentle bees that are able to handle our sometimes harsh winters.

We do not clip wings. 

We can leave the queen unmarked upon request.

Queen bees can be picked up, or mailed with Canada Post, Monday to Wednesday (to ensure they arrive before the weekend). Choose pickup or shipping during shipping method portion of the checkout process. Additional charges apply for shipping (~$15 for 1-12 queens). Queens are sent via Expresspost. Please ensure you are at the mailing address to receive the package.