Humble Bee Premium Unifloral Raw Local Honey - 330g

Humble Bee Premium Unifloral Raw Local Honey - 330g

Humble Bee Inc.

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Every type of flower produces a different colour and flavour of honey! Our premium unifloral honey lets you taste some of these unique flavours. By processing our honey in small batches we can separate some of these unique varieties for your enjoyment! Whenever we get a batch that meets our standards, we'll bottle and label it according to the floral source. Choose from the available varieties in the drop down menu!

We currently have: Buckwheat, Basswood, Goldenrod, and our 'Mystery Dark' honey (now identified as Himilayan Balsam) available for purchase. 


Our honey is raw, unfiltered, and not heated; just pure honey as the bees make it. We extract our honey in small batches throughout the year so the taste, colour, and texture will vary according to where and when it was produced. Our honey comes from hives that are managed according to organic standards.

Our honey can be purchased online for pickup or delivery (choose the size and type from the drop down menu). It is also available at the following locations:


Contact Us for wholesale enquiries in the Greater Hamilton Area.