Top-Bar Nucleus Colony

Humble Bee Inc.

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Our gentle, hygienic, and locally produced bees are available on natural top bar combs. Our Ontario stock is a mix of Italian, Carniolan, and Buckfast genetics. 

Our top-bar nucs are 5 frames;

  • 3 brood frames
  • 2 frames of feed.
  • 1 laying queen

The top bars are have no foundation. All comb is naturally built.

Since top bar hive dimensions are not standardized, we recommend bringing your hive to our apiary, where we can install the nucleus colony and make any required adjustments to the comb and top bars.

You can also opt for our delivery option, where we bring the bees to you and make the required adjustments to install the nucleus colony. 

Delivery available in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas; choose the delivery option when placing your order. If ordering more than 1 nuc for delivery, select the delivery for the 1st nuc only. Available for pick-up starting the 2nd weekend of May. We will contact you to arrange a pick-up time at the end of April.

When you buy bees from us, you also receive 1 FREE year of access to our Beeline Remote Support service!