Rental Honey Extraction Kit

Rental Honey Extraction Kit

Humble Bee

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Please note a $300 deposit on Credit Card required at time of pickup. It will be refunded when the kit is returned.


Rental period is 24 hours, order online and contact us to book your preferred date.

Need to extract honey but don't want to invest in all the equipment? We've got you covered! Our kit contains everything you need to extract honey at home and is ideal for harvesting from one or two colonies:

  • 3 frame hand-cranked extractor, for deep or medium frames
  • Comb Capper uncapping station, including bottling pail with honey gate and filter bag, cold uncapping knife and uncapping fork
  • Refractometer for checking the moisture level of your honey
  • Non-slip mat to use under extractor/uncapping pail

All equipment must be returned completely clean

 If kit needs to be cleaned by our staff there is a $50 charge