Global Pollen Patty (15% pollen)

Global Pollen Patty (15% pollen)

Humble Bee Inc.

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Pollen patties can help supplement your bees nutrition when natural resources are scarce. Feeding pollen supplements is not neccesary for many beekeepers, but if you're looking to stimulate broodrearing early for splits, or have hives in high-density apiaries, pollen patty's can help your bees build up strength faster.  

Sold by the patty (1lb each). Apply to top bars of the hive directly above the brood.

Once you start feeding pollen, you need to continue feeding it until the bees are able to consistently forage for natural pollen. Also be sure to monitor your hives honey stores closely, as pollen feeding will cause them to eat their honey stores faster than they would otherwise. 

Keep in mind that weaker colonies will eat the patty more slowly, so in areas where Small Hive Beetle is present cut down the patty to the appropriate size to avoid encouraging the growth of SHB.