Queen Bee - Mated Ontario Hygienic Organic Stock - Pre Order

Queen Bee - Mated Ontario Hygienic Organic Stock - Pre Order

Humble Bee

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Organic Ontario Mated Queens 

Pre Order for the 2023 season

Order 5 Queens or more and SAVE $10 per Queen!

At our Hamilton, ON based Queendom, we carefully select for gentleness, disease resistance (hygienic behaviour) and productivity to raise Queens that thrive in Ontario's climate. Our Queen bees are raised from our organic breeding stock and are descended primarily from the Buckfast, Italian and Carniolan families of European Honeybees. This combination results in productive and gentle bees that are able to handle our winters. We are a member of ORHBS to provide further genetic testing.

We never clip wings, use antibiotics or artificially inseminate


Please contact us for bulk orders (905) 769 0388 buzz@humblebee.buzz

Ontario beekeepers must be a registered beekeeper with the province (Free)

Shipping Info:

We can only ship to Canadian addresses

Queens are sent via Canada Post Xpresspost, and usually arrive within 2 days for orders within Ontario, or 3-4 days for other provinces. Please ensure you will be at the mailing address to receive the package. 

Contact your Provincial Apiarist for importing Ontario queens into your province.