4-frame Honeybee Nucleus Colony (Nuc) * medium frames

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Nucleus Colony on Medium Langstroth frames, consists of approximately:

  • 2.5 frames of brood
  • 1 frame of honey 
  • 1 Queen bee

All from our Ontario stock specially selected for gentleness and disease resistance (hygienic behaviour).

We are licensed Queen & Nuc producers.

We are now taking orders for Spring 2018; nucs will be packed in a reusable box for transport and can be picked up in Hamilton. We contact you to schedule a pick up time after you place an order. You can also arrange to meet us in Toronto to pick up your nuc (dates TBD)

If you would like the nuc delivered to your apiary in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, you can select that option for an additional $100 fee. We will deliver and install your nuc, and you get an hour of our time for a personalized lesson/Q&A session. If you are ordering more than one nuc for delivery, just select the delivery option for the first nuc($300), and for each additional nuc choose the 'pickup' option ($200).

When you buy bees or lessons from us, you also receive 1 FREE year of access to our Beeline Remote Support service!