Spring Management

Humble Bee Inc.

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 This class is meant for beekeepers with more than 1 year of experience

The decisions you make early in the beekeeping season will set the course for the rest of the year. This class is all about how the decisions you make will impact the development and productivity of your colonies through the rest of the year, and into the following season. 

This in depth look at Spring Management will help you make the right decisions, whether your goals are to increase hive numbers, or maintain your existing hive count. We'll go step-by step through the spring build-up period and explain how to make the right decisions to achieve your goals for the season. 

Topics include:

- to feed or not feed?

- Swarms; why? when? what to do? + how to use the swarm drive to your advantage

- How to make splits (multiple methods)

- Spring nectar and pollen resources

 Course offered from 10:00am to 4:30pm at the Cotton Factory in Hamilton, Ontario, 270 Sherman Avenue North. Additional dates will be added according to demand. Detailed about the class and location will be sent out a few days before the class.