Intro to Beekeeping Class (online via Zoom)

Intro to Beekeeping Class (online via Zoom)

Humble Bee

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Thinking about getting your own bees? Just curious about beekeeping? This is the course for you!

We will discuss the role of workers, drones and queen bees in the honey bee colony

  • The equipment required to keep bees, including the costs involved in starting your own hive and the commonly used types of beehives
  • The Ontario Bees Act, which sets the rules for beekeeping in Ontario including registering your bees, the Apiary Inspection program
  • The responsibilities of a beekeeper over the course of a season and the yearly cycle of a honeybee colony
  • The differences between urban and rural beekeeping
  • How to make the world better for pollinators

This class takes place online via Zoom. Invitation to the Zoom class will be sent to you by email. 

Lessons are subject to HST.