Intermediate Beekeeping (classroom)

Intermediate Beekeeping (classroom)

Humble Bee Inc.

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Due to uncertainty about the duration COVID-19 restrictions we are not taking new orders for this class

Got bees last year, and wondering what you need to do differently now that you have established colonies? This course is meant for beekeepers entering their 2nd or 3rd year of Beekeeping. 

This course is primarily focused on the differences between starting the season with an established overwintered colony versus starting with a nucleus colony.

Topics Include:

  • early season mite treatments and feeding requirements
  • swarm prevention; the toughest part of spring management
  • making splits from established colonies 
  • introducing a new queen
  • prioritizing your goals for the season; more hives or more honey?
  • The responsibilities of a beekeeper over the course of a season and the yearly cycle of a honeybee colony

There will be a short visit to the rooftop bees (weather dependent). 

This class takes place April 5, 2020 1-4pm at the Cotton Factory; 270 Sherman Ave North, in Hamilton, and is a classroom-based course. We email detailed instructions for parking and how to find the classroom a few days before your class. 

Lessons are subject to HST ($50.85 with tax)