EZ-PRY Hive Tool

Humble Bee Inc.

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This is the favourite hive tool!

  • made of stainless steel; will not rust and is easy to clean
  •  the patented 'Z' design is a huge improvement on the 'J' hook style hive tools.
  • It lets you lift frames at the strongest point (top bar) instead of the weakest point (frame 'ears'), meaning you can remove frames with less effort and less risk of breaking a valuable frame of comb
  • unlike the paint scrapers often sold as hive tools, the EZ-PRY is made from a flexible alloy, this 'springiness' provides tactile feedback, making it easier to feel when a frame is ready to break loose from its propolis seal; no more smashing frames together when the propolis seal suddenly breaks
  • Unlike the 'J' style tools, the EZ-Pry retains an integrated burr comb scraper
  • Works well with wood or plastic frames
  • also has a handy nail puller

See the EZ-Pry in action